Rules & Regulation

Dear Parents,

Discipline is the backbone of all our schools hence we would like to draw your attention to the rules given in the school diary.  Kindly read these rules carefully and ensure that they are strictly followed by all students and their guardians.

1)         Kindly pay special attention to your ward’s uniform.  Students must wear sparkling white shirts which are well ironed.  Black shoes must be well polished. Sports uniform  must be correct.  Only white keds or sports shoes will be allowed.  Sports shoes of other colours and designs will not be permitted.  Please remember that there will be zero tolerance in this regard.

2)         Please pay special attention to their hair, nails etc.  Girls with long hair must make two plaits and use black bands only. Children  who wear spectacles must have only brown / black frames.  Children upto class V are not allowed to wear watches.  Students of class VI and above may wear small medium sized watches.  All oversized watches will be confiscated.

3)         We would also like to remind  you that students are not permitted to apply henna (mehendi) on their hand.  If at all it is compulsory as a ritual it must be restricted to just the centre of the palm so that it is not visible to others.  Kindly ensure that this is followed strictly.

5)         We have often seen that boys tend to get haircuts which are different from the normal.  Parents are requested to ensure that their wards have proper haircut.  Punk hairstyles with sides shaved off are not acceptable and the student will not be allowed to attend school till the hair grows back.

6)         School gates will close sharp at  7.30 a.m. and no child will be granted entry after the gates have closed.  You are advised to set your watches according to the school timings, so that there is no discrepancy. Kindly do not leave children outside the gates once they are closed since the school will not be responsible for their security.

7)         Children who go by their own conveyance must be collected promptly after the school gets over.  Parents must give their correct mobile / land line telephone numbers to the school, so that they may be contacted immediately in case of emergency.  It will be the responsibility of parents to ensure that the school is informed immediately of any change of residential address and phone number.

8)         If a student has forgotten to bring something he / she will have to do without it.  Notebooks, projects, tiffin, money, medicine etc will not be accepted at the school gate or by the school office.  Please understand that this rule is applicable for all.  You are requested not to force the guard into accepting anything since the school will not be responsible if any money, book, note-book or project gets lost in the process.

9)         We would also like to keep a uniformity in the birthday celebrations of our students.  Your ward’s birthday is a happy occasion and you are free to celebrate it in any manner you choose.  However, in school, your ward should bring only two toffees each for classmates and teachers.  Please do not send fancy packets containing other items.

10)       You are advised to attend all Parents Teacher Meetings so that you may be constantly informed of your ward’s progress.